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Lepsö to Ona


Image of Lepsö to Ona
  • Image of Lepsö to Ona
  • Image of Lepsö to Ona
  • Image of Lepsö to Ona

Silkscreen print on found sea chart - 104cm x 71cm. Unique Print.
This is an original unique handmade silkscreen print onto a found sea chart.

Gerry creates the artworks by silkscreen printing onto found vintage sea charts, maps and found papers. The positioning of the printed elements is dependent on the layout of the individual sea charts and the marks and annotations made by navigators at sea. Some of the charts are very old, they've seen many sea voyages, adding to the beauty of the prints.

Gerry's first set of prints were of sperm whales, they were featured in The Guardian earlier this year. This is one of a new series of humpback whale prints which were inspired by a recent drawing trip to Húsavík in Iceland where Gerry saw humpbacks in the Skjálfandi Bay.

People often ask what the difference is between a silkscreen print and a printed poster. Silkscreen printing is a printmaking technique in which a mesh cloth is stretched over a heavy wooden or metal frame and the design, affixed by stencil, or a stencil created photographically on to the mesh, is printed by having a squeegee force colour through the pores of the material in areas not blocked out by a photo emulsion stencil. Essentially, silkscreen printing is a complicated and time comsuming, but extremely rewarding, process whereby the art is made by hand. Whereas a printed poster is manufactured.

Gerry makes all of his screenprints at Edinburgh Printmakers.

These prints are carefully packed and sent via Special Delivery in the UK, and Tracked for Europe and USA.