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£2 per badge.
*No extra shipping is charged if purchased with another item*
Badges are 32mm in diameter, and mounted on a special 'rainy' badge card.

‘Draw in the rain’
I made this 'Draw in the rain' for myself, but when I started the #walktosee hashtag on Instagram, for sketchbook drawings made from life, I realised that lots of people enjoy drawing in the rain too. It helps you loosen up and get out of your usual drawing habits. Let’s start a ‘Draw in the Rain’ movement! It’s good for the soul!

'I draw dead birds'
I designed this ‘I draw dead birds’ badge for Gerry, as he likes to draw dead birds. Word got round and friends and neighbours turn up with dead birds now!

‘I draw in the dark’
I like to draw in the dark at the theatre. I use my finger to mark where my drawing starts and then hope for the best! It produces some interesting results. Are you a sneaky night time sketchbooker too? This is the badge for you!

‘I draw dead things’
I had lots of requests for an 'I draw dead things' badge. So here it is! A wee dead thing, paws in the air...